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Beginner Quiz 1- Identify the Measurements

Beginner Quiz 1- Dry Measuring Cups

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Select the purple cup

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Select the pink cup

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Select the orange cup

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Select the brown cup

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Select the green spoon

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Select the blue spoon

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Select the red spoon

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Select the red liquid cup

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Select the yellow liquid cup

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Select the green liquid cup

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Select the blue liquid cup

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Select the yellow spoon

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Welcome to the CCK

The color coded kitchen is designed to simplify the recipe process for ages 4 plus. One of the color coded kitchens’ many goals is to

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CCK Client Reviews !

The ColorCodedKItchen has proven to be a wonderful cooking experience for my son. Michael is an experienced instructor who uses visual recipes and a color-coded system of measurement to help people of all levels learn how to prepare meals. This class has been a great way for my son to increase his independent living skills in the kitchen. The best part is we get to sample all his culinary creations, which are absolutely delicious!
Cindy Sydlo
I would highly recommend the color coded kitchen. It is a highly interactive one on one cooking experience using easy to follow multi-leveled recipes
Frances Errante